#YML Funded Research

#YouthMediaLife supports researchers connected to the platform at all levels of their careers, from Master’s degree via PhD students to post-doc researchers.

The research platform’s Seed Grants support the proposal writing stage for candidates who are planning to submit a project proposal at pre- or post-doc level with national or international funding institutions. Seed Grantees are part of the research platform, contribute to our discussions and debates and receive academic and strategic input by other members.

Boost Grants support original research projects that reflect the aims of our research platform. Boost grantees present their projects to the research platform and prepare blog or social media posts about them.

In addition, the research platform awards travel stipends to graduates and Master’s degree students with papers relevant to the platform’s research questions to facilitate first conference experiences ("Konferenzschnuppern").

Funded Projects


  • Serious Game Changers (AK Wien Digifonds)
    Barbara Göbl, Fares Kayali & Matthias Steinböck

  • Links between exposure to disparaging memes and stereotyping
    Maximilian Hofleitner

  • The rise of Facebook as a rhetorical weapon
    Daniel Hämmerle



  • Auf dem Weg des digitalen Humanismus - Mit dem Wissen und der Technik von heute zum FAIRen kulturellen Gedächtnis von morgen. Am Beispiel von Kinder- und Jugendmedien
    Susanne Blumesberger, Eva Gergely, Daniel Spichtinger

  • Exploring Informal Learning Practices within Multicultural Hybrid Communities: Connecting the online space with the physical place
    Rino Bosso

  • ALICE – Approaching Interfaces in a Collaborative Enquiry
    Barbara Göbl & Suzana Jovicic

  • 'Protagoras' – Shaping Digital Humanism using Philosophy through Design
    Michael Funk

  • Digitale Dispositive psychischer Gesundheit: Eine Analyse der Resilienz-App 'SuperBetter'
    Moritz Meister


  • The social media ecology: Investigating perceived functions of social media platforms to prevent cyberbullying
    Daniel Graf


  • Youth's Involvement with Online Story Sharing Platforms
    Sébastien François

  • READING 2.0 - Creativity, Performance and Identity in the Age of Social Reading
    Miriam Mayrhofer

  • Understanding the Mediatization of Physical Activity among Juveniles
    Christopher Schlembach

  • From classroom to home: blurred borders between these EFL learning environments and the impact on the development of implicit and explicit grammatical knowledge
    Alexandra Schurz

  • Indexicality, agency, and media use in the context of re-migration
    Julia Sonnleitner

First Conference experiences