Dayana Hristova

Dayana Hristova

PhD student in Cognitive science at the Department of Philosophy, University of Vienna

Research interests

Emotion regulation
Social media use
Game design
Skills and Expertise research
Improvisation research
Dynamic Systems Theory

Academic career
2017 to date Scholarship holder of a DOC-team scholarship of the Austrian Academy of Sciences
2016 to date PhD candidate in Cognitive science at the Philosophy department, University of Vienna
2015-2018 Researcher at the "Embodied creativity in dyadic interaction" project, Cognitive Science Platform, University of Vienna
2013-2015 Researcher at the Artificial Intelligence Lab, University of Ljubljana
2013-2015 CEEPUS, Erasmus + at the University of Ljubljana
2012-2015 MSc in Cognitive Science, University of Vienna
2011-2012 Erasmus exchange at Brunel University, London
2009-2012 BA in Cultural and Social Anthropology, University of Vienna

Selected publications

  • Kimmel, M., Hristova, D., & Kussmaul, K. (2018). Sources of Embodied Creativity: Interactivity and Ideation in Contact Improvisation. Behavioral Sciences, 8(6), 52.
  • Vesper, C., Abramova, E., Bütepage, J., Ciardo, F., Crossey, B., Effenberg, A., Hristova, D., Karlinsky, A., McEllin, L., Nijssen, S., Schmitz, L., and Wahn, B. (2017) Joint Action: Mental Representations, Shared Information and General Mechanisms for Coordinating with Others. Frontiers in Psychology. 7: 2039. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2016.02039      
  • Bratko, I., Hristova, D., & Guid, M. (2016). Search Versus Knowledge in Human Problem Solving: A Case Study in Chess. In Model-Based Reasoning in Science and Technology (pp. 569-583). Springer International Publishing.
  • Hristova, D., Guid, M., & Bratko, I. (2014). Assessing the difficulty of chess tactical problems. International Journal on Advances in Intelligent Systems, 7, 728-738.
  • Hristova, D. H., Geršak, G., & Žabkar, J. (2014, July). The Persistency of Motor Programs as a Source of Difficulty in Motor Learning. In P. Hochenauer, C. Schreiber, E. Zimmermann, Igor Farkas (eds.), Proceedings of the MEi: CogSci Conference 2014, Kraków, Bratislava: Commenius University
  • Hristova, D., Guid, M., & Bratko, I. (2014). Toward modeling task difficulty: the case of chess. in COGNITIVE 2014, The Sixth International Conference on Advanced Cognitive Technologies and Applications. IARIA, 2014, pp. 211- 214
  • Hristova, D. (2013, June). Qualitative study of prolonged sitting’s effects on cognitive tasks performance. In S, Khosravipour, B. Roemmer- Nossek, E. Zimmermann, I. Farkas (ed.), Proceedings of the MEi: CogSci Conference 2013, Budapest, Bratislava: Commenius University