Research Platform Mediatised Lifeworlds

Young people's narrative constructions, connections and appropriations

An interdisciplinary research platform under the lead of Susanne Reichl and Ute Smit brings together a team of researchers based at four different faculties and one centre, who all investigate young people's mediatised lifeworlds from a number of theoretical and methodological perspectives.

Young people construct their identities through narratives that they consume and produce in their media use, they build communities and develop skills through and with media. We want to know how these processes work.

Rapid media change and technological development are facts of life. We want to find out more about how young people engage in or disengage from these processes and about their views on competing and complementary media use.

Young people's lifeworlds are increasingly mediatised. We are interested in the role that media use plays in the lives of young people, into the daily technical, linguistic and identificatory choices they make in their media use.

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